Amanda Holden 'reported to police' for Covid breach to see parents

Amanda Holden was reportedly reported to police for violating lockdown rules on an “emergency trip” to Cornwall.

Her agent says the British Got Talent judge broke the rules to visit her elderly parents in Cornwall.

She made the trip after receiving an “excruciating phone call from her older father” Friday afternoon, he said in a statement.

According to Der Spiegel OnlineShe was reported to the police during the trip.

“Amanda is aware that all families are struggling during these turbulent times, but received an agonizing phone call from her older father on Friday afternoon,” the statement added.

“All in all, Amanda felt that the return trip to Cornwall was necessary to sort things out with her family.”

Holden is now back in London, her agent said, adding, “Amanda didn’t act on a whim and stuck to the Covid rules on all three bans at every step.

“Amanda is well aware of the rules of travel and is devastated that she once had to break them.”

The statement said Holden’s parents were both vaccinated and Amanda is being tested weekly. “She felt that she was not endangering her parents”.

Before Holden got the call from her father, she presented her Heart Radio program on Friday, in which she received presents for her 50th birthday next Tuesday.

Devon and Cornwall Police recently told visitors to stay out of their way and tweeted, “Devon and Cornwall are not going anywhere so come see us another time.”

Under current lockdown rules, people in the UK are only allowed to leave their homes for a limited number of reasons, including shopping for essentials and moving around.


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