Amazon app for Android has revamped its interface

Amazon, the world’s largest ecommerce platform, has updated its Android application. It has moved the menus, profile section and settings page. The company, which has redesigned the look of the application, has increased its functionality and usability by cleaning up all of its features.

Amazon Android app now more functional

In the previous version of Amazon’s Android app, there was a menu on the left. All settings for account options and products could be found here. However, everything on the menu was nested and not categorized. This situation made it difficult to use the application.

Amazon has completely removed this menu with the new update. It has added a tab bar at the bottom with the Home, Profile, Basket and Menu buttons. Now account settings, customer service and products, as well as all other operations, can be performed on this tab.

Amazon has also made changes to the app’s font. The size of the messages on the Profile and Menu tabs increased. All of these innovations were already available in the company’s iOS app. As of today it is available for Android users.

Amazon also changed its controversial logo

Amazon unveiled a new logo for its mobile apps in January. When carefully examined, the logo was reminiscent of the type of mustache called toothbrush mustache because of the blue stripe on the top part. Two historical names have been identified with the mustache in question. One is Charlie Chaplin and the other is Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Users who looked at the app icon and compared the ribbon to an Adolf Hitler mustache had responded on Amazon. Amazon responded to the discussions that divided social media in two. The company removed the blue tape strip in early March and redesigned the app icon with a few taps.

The Amazon spokesperson made the following statement regarding the logo changes:

“We are always looking for new ways to satisfy our customers. The new icon is displayed when customers start their shopping journey on their phone; We redesigned it to evoke anticipation, excitement and joy, just like they did when they saw our boxes at the door.

The company did not comment on Adolf Hitler’s analogy.

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