Amazon Prime Day 2021: the best deals on Smart TV

Amazon Prime Day 2021: 21 and 22 June 2021, the dates when you have to decide to buy what you want on Amazon Prime Day 2021. During these days you will find all kinds of offers in different departments, but what we are going to take care of in these Lines is the image with the best offers on televisions on Amazon Prime Day 2021. Keep reading and we’ll tell you some of the best proposals to renew your old television.

LG 43UP7690-ALEXA 2021

We’ll start with television with less inches than the list, but not a bad product for that. Quite the opposite. We are talking about LG’s 43UP7690-ALEXA 2021 model on which, as you can read, Amazon’s virtual assistant is installed. It has a 43-inch panel to watch 4K and HDR content from all available VOD services. With its remote control, you can even activate voice commands to watch the desired channel or series, all thanks to the internet connection. As if that weren’t enough, it has two HDMI ports and a USB to have everything you need in terms of connectivity, including Bluetooth, all for €389.99.

Samsung UHD 2020 55TU8005

We turn to one of the other major Korean companies where their products are exhibited Amazon Prime Day 2021. In the television department we find the UHD 2020 55TU8005 which, although it is from last year, finds a generous 55-inch screen with a crystal 4K processor. This allows for an optimization of the colors you see, something that will improve thanks to the HDR system it contains. The artificial intelligence also enhances the sound of the scenes it captures and it also has a voice assistant so it doesn’t rely on the remote. In terms of price, you have it on offer for no less than 469 euros.

Sony KD-49XH8196

Sony is one of the companies that yes or yes always has a gap in the televisions section. In this case, we see that your Triluminos display will see HD colors in its 4K resolution. It also has the Motionflow system that makes a fast image look sharp with little distortion. It also has Dolby Atmos, which will certainly provide great sound if you have a soundbar with it, but first you have to spend the 549 euros that the TV costs.

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