AMD: GPU architecture specific to cryptocurrency mining

After the huge demand from cryptocurrency miners for graphics cards, AMD took action for the cryptocurrency mining architecture. With the work on the RDNA architecture developed by AMD for graphics cards, it will be showcasing graphics cards specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining.

The news that AMD is developing a graphics card for the blockchain has already surfaced. For this study, device support with model number 731E has been added to Linux kernel patches. Before this support, there was no support for “Next Screen Core” and “Next Video Core” on the graphics card. This suggested that the model did not provide an image and focused on cryptocurrency mining.

AMD may be developing a cryptocurrency architecture for the graphics card

It has been stated that with graphics card models that do not support video, the calculation process will be faster and can be used in crypto money mines. In the newly released information, a new video card without display support was identified. It has been reported that the model, which is expected to be released in the near future, is related to the Navi 12.

It is not known how the graphics card, which comes with crypto money mining architecture, will deliver performance from AMD. Because while performance tests are done for graphics quality, there is no test for crypto currency mining. This makes it difficult to compare future models before purchasing.

Information on its development is provided with Navi 12 and 2560 stream processors (40 computing units). Navi 10 has GDDR6 memory, while Navi 12 has 2 stacks of 4 GB of HBM2 memory. While GDDR6 memory offers a speed of 448 GB / s, HBM2-based Navi 12 offers a speed of 394 GB / s.

According to the available information, AMD runs on at least 3 cryptocurrency mining graphics cards. While the models are expected to be named RX 5700XTB, RX 5700B and RX 5500XTB, it is unknown whether the “Radeon” name will be used in these models.

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