America After The Donald

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Twenty-one has actually started, and God knows what it has in store for us after the Capitol was stormed by the President’s “troops”. But unless we’re in some way beyond belief, The Donald is actually leaving the White House soon and, as much as I hate to admit it, in weird ways, we’re going to miss him. Of course it won’t be much of a relief, his … well, let’s just say him in the rearview mirror. While he was occupying the White House, he was literally hell of Earth. Nonetheless, he was also a figure of remarkable fascination for anyone who thought about this land, or the strangest of all species, humanity and what we can do to ourselves.

Here is my recap of our last Trumpian months (at least for a while). However, when I look back over the past few weeks, you will be surprised that I have no plans to start with the former National Security Advisor to the President 23 days – “You are fired!”) Cum-Convictee-Cum-forgiveness I ask the Donald to explain Martial law;; Nor will I review the president’s endless tweets and fulminations about the “fraudulent” 2020 elections or his mounting lame (ducks!) Attacks on all those he viewed as abandoning his visibly sinking Titanic, including Mitch McConnell (“the first off das Schiff “); I also don’t have the urge to concentrate on the conspiracy congress, the captured the president’s heart (or whatever is in his chest) with their claims of how “Venezuelan” voices set him up; not even his gloomy “vacation trip” to Mar-a-Lago, even his on Christmas Day 309 Visit of the president to a golf course; Nor will I waste time as the Still President of this increasingly dis-United States while Pardon war criminals and pals (as well as random well-connected criminals), has managed to ignore the rest of a country that has slipped into pandemic hell – cases are rising, deaths are rising, hospitals are filling to the brim unmatched on the planet – which he visibly could not have taken care of any less; I won’t even focus on how it got there for Christmas landed precisely on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s position of giving the American people $ 2,000 checks and thus became a volunteer “socialist” for a few days; I won’t even spend time with his one-of-a-kind, either Call for 11,780 votes in Georgia; nor how he urged his followers to “go down to the Capitol” and “fight like hell. ”


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