America’s Most Dim-Witted Critic of Voting Rights Is Trump’s Pick for Georgia Secretary of State

When examining the House Oversight and Reform Committee HR 51Georgia Republican Jody Hice’s proposal to give the District of Columbia statehood delivered an anti-democratic shame that caused the jaws to fall.

“DC would be the only state – the only state – without an airport, without a car dealership, without a capital, without a landfill,” the right-wing talk radio host became a congressman announced Monday, during the hearing of the committee on a measure up Proponents have correctly identified themselves as one of the most important civil rights and suffrage initiatives under consideration by the current Congress.

Hices argument inspired instant ridicule of Americans who had cracked enough history books to know that most states joined the union before auto sales began. The Georgian’s remarks were taken as confirmation that the Republicans had no reason to refuse to represent the DC votes in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, except for concerns that the voters of Washington – a city with a majority – were concerned and minority, who cast 93 percent of their votes for Joe Biden in 2020 – could exercise a fully realized suffrage to vote for Democrats.

Not only was Hice transparently partisan in his determination to deny more than 700,000 District of Columbia residents the same rights as their American counterparts, but he failed to conduct his research into the city from which he is so determinedly disenfranchised.

“It was quoted as saying that there is no dealership in the District of Columbia. That is not a constitutional restriction.” noted a confused rep, Jamie Raskin, the Maryland Democrat who is indeed a constitutional scholar. “It turns out,” added Raskin, “that there is a dealership in the District of Columbia. At this point, [can] We agree that people in DC should enjoy equal political rights. Of course not because [Republicans like Hice are] I’m just trying to figure out the arguments that they can think of. These are frivolous arguments. ”

Instead of acknowledging the obvious – that he had reached for straws to assert the status of taxation without representation from D.C. to maintain – Hice used the evasion of ignorance. “If there is a dealership in DC, I apologize for the injustice,” he chirped. “I have no idea where it is.”

Apparently, Hice isn’t getting out much in Washington. The Tesla showroom on H Street, one of several car dealerships in town, is a short walk from the Capitol.


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