Amp, This Is The New ClubHouse Rival That Amazon Debuts

Amp: One of the benchmark apps that many companies have tried to copy in the last year is ClubHouse. Yes, it’s true, TikTok is in the sights of many companies, but there is no doubt that many have noticed ClubHouse. From here many extra functions have been born and now it seems that it is Amazon that launches its proposal with Amp, a clone of ClubHouse but with musical agreements.

Amp, the new ClubHouse Amazon brand

The great Internet commerce offers many services beyond being the department store where everyone seems to buy. But the company still has many things to give, such as the ability to create a live video platform, offer space on the Internet, multidisciplinary hardware and applications.

The most recent one that has been launched on the market has its own name: Amp. The app is coming to conquer some of the market space that ClubHouse has to claim its share of. The proposal is very similar to what is seen in the different versions of the audio app, from which they take their main feature: make private audio rooms between one person and a group of listeners.

How Amp works

First of all, and this is very important, Amazon has taken an example from its streaming service. And it is that just like on Twitch you only need to register to start using it as a content creator. Otherwise don’t worry, using it is completely free and without any additional charges.

The host can engage other users up to a total of five participants, which helps make this feature interesting for everyone who wants to do live interviews. But the most important feature has to do with the audios. Here Amazon has hit the table, as it will allow users to ‘play DJs’.

And it is that the American company has said that each user will have at their disposal tens of millions of licensed songs and a long list of songs to put in their Amp space. In case you’re wondering, the app is already available and, as we told you before, it’s totally free. We will see how it progresses in the future and if it will reach a point where users start to monetize their content in some way.

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