Analysis of prices for shiba inu and why people leave it

The price of shiba inu has been falling non-stop since late October 2021, when the coin hit the flow ATH level. From that moment on, SHIB has been declining nonstop for the past 5 months and even today things are not looking too good for this coin.

The price of shiba inu is predicted to rise from the current $0.00002676 to about $0.00000581. But looking at how the currency performed in the first quarter of 2022, this prediction may never come true. In fact, $0.00008 ATH can never be reached.

Since the future of shiba inu does not look bright at the moment and the price of the coin continues to fall, investors are leaving it to other promising cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the number of shiba inu owners is rapidly decreasing, as is the market cap.

One of the projects that received the largest number of siba-inu investors is Bitgert (BRISE). This is the first crypto project to create a blockchain with no gas fees. Bitgert’s price also shot up at the same time as Shiba Inu crashed. Centcex is another project that SHIB holders are joining. Here’s more about these cryptocurrencies:


Bitgert is one of the cryptocurrencies that is working very well in the crypto market today. The coin is showing one of the best price gains, and one thing that stands out in Bitgert is its ability to grow against the grain. Bitgert is one of the few crypto projects that has developed rapidly during most of the first quarter of 2022. This was at a time when shiba inu and many other major cryptocurrencies were failing.

Bitgert’s growth was driven by the quality of this project and, to a greater extent, of the products. The Bitgert team created and launched the only gas-free blockchain, which is still widely distributed. The Bitgert blockchain is also actively developing, including hundreds of projects launched on the Brise network. These developments of Bitgert attract many investors, including siba-inu investors.


While Bitgert remains the largest cryptocurrency worth keeping an eye on, new projects like Centcex are also proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Have you seen the results Centcex has published in the last 60 days? Well, the price of Centcex coin has risen several times during this period and has reached a new ATH level. This is at a time when even the largest coins fell rapidly.

Centcex attracts the attention of investors because of its design, which allows it to increase the price of the token organically and generate a large income from the Centcex tokens placed. This was achieved by creating different products for the Centcex ecosystem. Thanks to the many products that the Centcex team creates, it will have millions of users who will bring huge revenue from staking.

Shiba Inu

As mentioned above, the main problem of shiba inu is a collapse in prices and a decrease in the number of holders. The market cap of shiba inu is falling, returning the coin to 15th place in the list of the largest cryptocurrencies. These developments were mainly caused by poor product development projects due to the status of the meme coin.

The Shiba team is trying to deliver products, but the work rate is slow, which leads to the cryptocurrency not working well against very useful crypto projects like Bitgert. Without giving the shiba inu coin more utility using products, investors will continue to leave and join Bitgert.

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