Anatel Updates List of 5G Cell Phones Approved In Brazil

Anatel: In December, the National Telecommunications Bureau (Anatelle) has so far released the full list of smartphones with 5G approved in Brazil. Last Monday (17), the agency released a new list with more information and devices.

Until then, the list was available in a PDF, but the agency has created a page on its official website to showcase all the 5G devices approved in Tupiniquin countries. Information such as the model, trade name of the device, manufacturer and even the website is always updated just one day after the most recent approval of a new smartphone with 5G is published – that is, the data is processed until the day before the quest. .

“The mobile phone is the main interface between the user and the new fifth-generation networks, which are expected to be operational in Brazilian capitals by the end of the first half of 2022,” it said in an official statement.

Full Approval

Consumers can use filters based on model, manufacturer, homologation date and operating mode. The agency has even made available a video tutorial explaining how to use the platform to search for smartphones with 5G.

“It is important to point out that approval is a prerequisite for using and marketing the product in Brazil, and before purchasing such products, the consumer should check the approval code stamped on the chassis (or in the product manual) and consult them. their operator. about the network compatibility of the product. In this way, consumers will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of 5G telecommunications networks, without taking any risks when using the product,” the page published.

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