Android 11 Go released, apps will open faster

Android 11 Go released, apps will open faster

Android 11 was released earlier this week for Pixel devices and phones from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme. Google has now introduced the Android 11 (Go edition) version, which will work on low-powered devices.

One of the most striking of the innovations that come with Android 11 Go is that it will work on devices with 2 GB or less RAM. Here is an improvement over the Android 10 Go version, that version supported devices with less than 1.5 GB of RAM. However, it is currently unknown which devices will receive this update immediately.

Google says that all devices with up to 2GB of RAM will get the new version within next month. However, it is not known whether new devices, old devices or special Go devices will receive this version. A document seized by XDA Developers last July indicated that future Android phones with 2 GB of RAM or less could work with the new version.

Android 11 innovations such as grouping notifications from chat applications in the notification tray, granting one-time permissions to applications for hardware such as microphone or camera will be available on devices that receive updates. Google says apps will load 20 percent faster than Android 10 Go. And the Android 11 Go version also adds a touch gesture based navigation system, so you can navigate the phone’s user interface by dragging your finger.


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