Android 12 Cleaning To Unused Applications

Android 12 characteristics remain clear. The operating system, which is still accessible to developers, will be released on smartphones this year. A feature has emerged in Android 12 that makes it easier for you to save storage space on your phones. The feature, which suspends inactive applications for a period of time, will also cancel user rights.

Android 12 clears the cache of unused apps

With Android 11, Google gave smartphones the option to “revoke the permissions of unused apps”. The feature that disables storage and camera access of applications that are idle for a certain period of time has been further developed in Android 12. Temporary files, cache files and build structures created by outdated applications on the device are cleaned. Notifications are also stopped. In this way, the user saves the storage space of his phone and will not encounter unwanted notifications.

Android 12

The XDA Developers team has shared some very relevant screenshots to add to Android 12. He stated that a new section called “Unused Applications” has been added to the “Application Information” page in the phone’s Settings menu. There is an option in the images that allows the function to be activated or deactivated in the desired application. Here the user can exempt the application desired by him from the aforementioned sanction Android 12 by disabling the relevant setting. That is, their permissions will not be revoked and their temporary files will not be deleted.

Currently Developer Preview 1 and 2 are versions of Android 12 has been released. However, in these two versions, there was no evidence of the new feature. It is estimated that Google will add to smartphones with the beta updates to be released in the coming period.

Release schedule of Android 12

Like every year, Google releases Android 12 versions gradually. The first three Android 12 builds from February to April will be released as developer previews. The planned update schedule for the coming months is as follows:

February-April 2021

  • Developer Preview 1: The first core build focused on developer feedback with new features, APIs, and behavior changes. (Published)
  • Developer Preview 2: Upcoming update with additional features, APIs and behavior changes. (Published)
  • Developer Preview 3: Update is released for stability and performance.

In May, Android 12 Beta will be available to general users through the OTA channel. Google added an additional beta this year. It will also release it in August.

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