Android 12 offers the possibility of Pixel 6 XL launching

Google may have a different strategy than the one implemented in the mobile market in 2020. That’s because there’s a possibility that the search giant will launch the Pixel 6 XL, which would be the more screen version of the high-end model expected to release this year.

This may be the fifth-generation large-display models to be made available by the brand as only the Pixel 5 was announced last year, a cut in spending until it was justified given the uncertainties in smartphone production due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19 made any type of larger investment risky.

This capability has been enhanced by a new feature in Android 12, which is still in the developer version. In the sample screenshots provided by Mishaal Rahman, from XDA, it is possible to see some changes in the menu format of the phones that are compatible with the user interface.

Part of this is due to the “Silky home” functionality, in which the system can adjust the format and organization of the content to enable one-handed use of the smartphone. This type of feature is very popular with manufacturers using larger screens on mobile phones, something that became even more popular after the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Max.

However, the presence of “Silky home” on Android 12 shows that Google is preparing the system not only to be “friendlier” to those using major phones from other manufacturers, but also that the system is compatible with the possible Google Pixel 6 XL .

While there are still no leaks on this larger model of the Pixel line, it’s important to keep an eye on the company’s next steps, especially on tracks left in Android 12, to know if the model will be launched or not.

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