Android 12 release date delayed! When will he come?

android 12, which the Android world has been eagerly awaiting, will upset those waiting with the new release date. The future of the new date is in our news.

We were excited when android 12 was introduced with some useful features and a changed interface. The beta phase of the operating system, which gives life to most smartphones, started with the introduction. However, the beta phase was extended with a sudden decision. So the android 12 release date was pushed further.

Android 12 beta process extended: release date pushed to October

When android 12 was introduced, it was called a four-stage beta process. However, it seems that this process has been extended, the page on the Android website has been updated and shows how close we are to the new version. According to the new process, the beta process will continue in September. Without this change android 12 would have been released in September.

Android 12 release date delayed! When will he come? 1

Taking the same progress line as a reference, the August and September beta processes will be the months in which system stability is guaranteed. Since the release date has been delayed, our expectations for the stability of the system have also increased. We hope to see the benefits of waiting an extra month as we will see android 12 in October.

What will change with Android 12?

The biggest advantage of the new version, codenamed Snow Cone, is the new user interface. Especially in notifications and on the lock screen we see a completely different design. While the general lines have been preserved, the details have become more angular and minimalist. In addition, the color tones have been renewed throughout the system and colors that are closer together have been chosen.

Android 12 release date delayed! When will he come? 2

It has also been added with some innovations that put more emphasis on system-wide privacy. These include well-known features such as ad blocker support, cookie tracking, and clipboard reading blocking. With the arrival of the latest version of the Linux Kernel, support for an internal VPN network has also been added to the system.

Although the android 12 release date has not yet been announced, it will most likely be released in mid-October.

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