Android 12L announced! Here are the features

Sharing the future periods with the developers of the Android Dev Summit Event, google announced the . at Android 12L version especially for large screens.

Talking about the plans for the new term on the Android Dev Summit event, Google has officially de Android 12L version for large screen devices and tablets.

So the first move came from google, which is said to be returning to the tablet market in recent months and preparing to compete with the iPad. Together with Android 12L, the usefulness of foldable phones will also be increased.

Big screen devices are now more convenient with Android 12L

The expected move came from Google, which has been criticized in previous periods for not optimizing Android for large-screen smartphones, tablets and foldable devices. Android 12L, which is planned to improve the user experience and provide a more comfortable device experience on all devices with 600 dp and above, has been officially announced. In the new period, all the visual elements of Android will become more usable for large screens.

Android 12L announced! Here are the features 1
In the statement of google, it was said that Android 12L should not be seen as a new Android version and it is a feature that can make the operating system better on large screens. The first notable feature of Android 12L is the new taskbar, which is very similar to iPadS.

The split screen feature is activated when you place a small logo at the top of the screen in the center of the screen. Users can perform different operations from the same screen in a very practical way. Google stated that this feature was previously on Android, but has now been made much faster and easier to access. Google also stressed that with this new feature, all applications on Android will have split screen.

Google has announced that the Android 12L Developer Preview version is released as of today. also the Android 12L emulator was also offered to users developing software for Android. The released version also has Android Studio support.

Finally, google announced that Android 12L is not only specific to tablets and foldable phones, but is also offered to Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users in the new period. On the other hand, devices without large screens will not be able to take advantage of many features of the new operating system.

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