Android Apps Are Increasingly Popular on Chrome OS

android: After release android On October 12, Google seems to have a crush on the big screens. According to an annual retrospective released Monday (20) on the Chrome OS Dev Channel, “Only Chromebooks are considered, the number of users engaged with android apps have grown by 50% in the past year.

The Chromebook YoY metric (year-to-year) is used by the company to rate notebooks that use Google’s operating system, Chrome OS, and android apps” in the period 2020-2021. In May, the report quotes, the operating system usage grew 92% year-over-year, representing “five times the pace of the PC market”, i.e. competing with Windows, macOS and Linux.

What does Google’s annual retrospective say?

Canal Dev’s post also served Google to show some sort of summary of what it’s done to make the android experience on Chrome OS:

android 11 release: “Continuously update all Chromebooks to support Android 11”;
android App window improvement: in Chrome 93+ with android 11, “Mobile apps” are locked in a window the size of a phone or tablet, with a “customizable pill” in the top bar;
Estimated parts in android apps: available on Chrome 96+, with both android 9 and version 11;
Low-latency stylus library: “The API minimizes latency by rendering the strokes directly through the hardware composer and predicting where the next part of the stroke will be drawn.”

The retrospective concludes with a statement from the developers: “Our priority is to find ways to provide a better experience for every user. We will continue to release easy-to-use tools and guidelines in 2022.”

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