'Angel in disguise' helps family stranded on the motorway for five hours

A woman and her family were rescued by an “angel in disguise” after a breakdown on the motorway.

Hifsa Latif was on the way to Blackpool with her mother, sister and two sons when their Volkswagen Polo on the M60 broke down.

She immediately called AA, but they didn’t get there until 6 p.m., five hours after her engine was packed.

When a friendly man saw the stranded family, they dragged them to the nearest services.

Speak with Stoke on Trent Live, Hifsa, 31, said: “It was just after 1 p.m. and my car broke down, the engine just stopped. I was on the freeway and it was pretty full. I called AA and was told to get help around 2:50 pm.

“I waited and it was 3pm. I called again and was told by a woman that there was nothing they could do.

“I told her about the situation that my mother was desperate and I had a child with ADHD who was uncontrollable. We had to be seen as soon as possible. “

It was around this time that an “angel in disguise” saw the desperate family and helped them.

Hifsa added, “He was a really nice gentleman. He also offered cookies to my kids. He knew they were hungry.

“I’m pretty upset about what happened. I wasn’t treated nicely. I can’t thank the guy enough who helped us. He was like an angel in disguise.

“If he hadn’t come, who knows how long we would have waited in a dangerous place.”

The AA finally arrived at Rivington Services at 6 p.m. The car was repaired and the family returned to the pottery two hours later.

Hifsa added, “I want the public to know what happened to me. I was on the hard shoulder until the man came and offered us help.

“My son was very scared and even now I am struggling to get him in the car as he says we will not get any help if we break down again. My mother has a weak bladder so she needed a toilet. My son was crying and was angry. ” The service was rubbish.

“The kids were upset because we couldn’t go to Blackpool. I want compensation – about six months of free membership. “

The AA says it received the first call at 2 p.m. They offered the family vouchers to use in the services.

An AA spokesperson said, “We have investigated the incident and we deeply regret that the customer has experienced an unacceptable delay in service, below our usual high standards.

“The member called us at 2pm to report the breakdown and our call agent did his best to help, including calling an ambulance on the member’s behalf.

“Our patrol arrived at the service just before 6pm and managed to fix the car so the family could go home. However, we regret that we did not reach them as quickly as we would have liked.

“Our research showed that the delay was exacerbated by the high demand during the school year and problems with external agents.

“We contacted the member immediately after the first complaint and would like to apologize again.

“We will contact you again to further compensate for the inconvenience and hardship you suffered due to the delay.


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