Anger as Gavin Williamson mistakes Marcus Rashford for England rugby player Maro Itoje

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson was convicted of “unsuitable” for his post after mistaking Marcus Rashford for English rugby player Maro Itoje.

The South Staffordshire MP reportedly told the London Evening Standard that he had a conversation with the Manchester United and England footballer and the renowned food poverty activist.

But his advisors are said to have later made it clear that he had actually spoken to Itoje.

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Rashford laughed at Mr. Williamson’s slip as he tweeted, “Accent could have been a giveaway.”

But others were less lenient. Birmingham comedian and GMB host Adil Ray tweeted, “How do you not know if you’ve met Marcus Rashford or not?

“‘Oh, he’s black, yes, I met one once.’ It’s an insult. He should know Marcus inside out, the man who fed the children he is trying to raise. He should want to meet him . This absolute charlatan is unsuitable for the job. “

Others agreed on Twitter. One person said, “Either his briefing team is incapable or this guy lives in a sealed environment.

Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy wrote on Twitter: “This is appalling. Gavin Williamson, what about Maro Itoje made you mistake him for Marcus Rashford?

“You must be the most ignorant, clueless and incompetent education minister in the history of Britain.”

Mr Williamson had spoken to the Standard about “bridging the gap between private and public schools”.

He said, “Education is the most important thing we can do to make this transformation in the agenda for leveling. So much of it is about culture, high expectations, and discipline.

“There is nothing more depressing than when you arrive at a school and the first thing a school principal says is that you have to understand because where our kids are from is what we can deliver.

“My argument is that regardless of their background, they have a right to the best education.”

When asked by Standard if he met Rashford, he said, “We met through Zoom and he seemed incredibly engaging, compassionate and charming, but then he had to shoot. I didn’t want to be the one holding him back from his education. “

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