Angry holidaymakers turned away from Ryanair flight to Spain

Scenes of anger and tears were seen at a UK airport when more than 30 passengers awaiting a vacation in Spain were turned away.

31 holidaymakers were told that they could not board a plane to Malaga because they had no proof of Spanish residence.

They had pre-booked the Ryanair flight from East Midlands Airport on Friday but did not have the documentation required by the Spanish government at the time. reports Derbyshire Live.

Unfortunate passengers claim the airline did not clarify the instructions for entering Spain.

One claimed the unexpected rejection cost him nearly £ 350, which he doesn’t expect to come back.

He said, “When I got to the airport, I was asked to go to the Ryanair gate to have my documents checked. I wasn’t expecting a problem as I had received all the necessary documents very thoroughly.

“I was met by a woman who told people that they would not travel if they did not have a Spanish passport, proof of residence application or a letter from the UK government saying travel was essential.

“This led to anger, aggression and tears and three police officers had to oversee the discussions. It was a really embarrassing situation that caused great distress and financial loss to some people.

“How can we get a validated form from the Spanish Travel Health Government website allowing our entry and then learn that it is not enough? This has been worrying for a lot of people.

“Ryanair has all of its customers’ email addresses and phone numbers so they could have contacted all passengers 24 hours prior to departure. This is really embarrassing and I hope it doesn’t happen to other UK travelers in the future.”

An airport spokesman said: “On Friday May 21st, 31 passengers were refused entry to a flight to Malaga because they did not have a Spanish residence permit.

“The decision of the airline’s handling agent was in line with the requirements of the Spanish authorities at the time.

“We encourage anyone planning to travel overseas to familiarize themselves with destination country requirements and UK regulations before booking flights.”


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