Animal Kingdom Season 5: Date Of Release, Cast, Plot And All Key Updates

The Animal Kingdom is a crime drama television series set in the United States with twists and turns for the whole family. This American crime drama series received rave reviews after just a few episodes and is based on the Australian film Animal Kingdom from 2010. This crime thriller film is written and directed by David Michod. This crime and family drama series is produced by Jonathan Lisco.

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Animal Kingdom are available on Amazon Prime Video. TNT is the original network for the series, but you can watch seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime Video. Animal Kingdom’s third and fourth seasons will be available on Amazon Prime in the near future.

The Animal Kingdom has only aired for four seasons and has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers. As a result of its continued success, the show got a fifth season. The fifth season of Animal Kingdom is now complete and will premiere this summer. The release date, cast and plot of the fifth season of Animal Kingdom are all listed below.

Publication date:

The series received a lot of positive feedback from viewers. This crime drama has a significant fan base. The first four seasons of Animal Kingdom are highly recommended. The next or fifth season of the series is eagerly awaited, and the last or sixth season will start filming soon.

The good news for Animal Kingdom fans is that TNT has announced that the sixth season will premiere on January 14, 2021, and the fifth season of Animal Kingdom will premiere in May 2020.

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Animal Kingdom development was halted in March, along with several other series, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Shawn Hatosy recently announced on Instagram that Season 5 of Animal Kingdom has concluded filming and will premiere on TNT this summer.


The main characters will almost certainly return in the next season. As a result, season five will feature a diverse cast of new and returning characters.

animal kingdom season 5

Excepted lot:

The animal kingdom’s plot revolves around Joshua, a 17-year-old boy played by Finn Cole. Joshua moves in with his family, the Codys, after his mother dies. The Codys are a criminal family headed by a Smurf. Joshua also joins their company. Agent Leckie wants to help Joshua get out of this dark situation.

And at the end of Season 4, we see Smurf being shot and killed. In Season 5, more family drama and crime will take over this family as it revolves around a dysfunctional family involved in a lot of crime.

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