Another record day of vaccinations in England

A record 756,873 blasts of Covid was recorded at the end of a week in England on Saturday, the highest number of doses given since the vaccination program began, NHS England said.

Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens said: “The speed and precision of the NHS vaccination campaign was brought to bear this weekend, and yesterday NHS staff across England delivered a remarkable 27 puffs per second. In just one day, we vaccinated the equivalent of the entire adult populations of Liverpool, Southampton and Oxford together.

“When it came to my turn earlier this week, I was excited about my first dose and we have plenty of vaccine supplies for the coming week too. So if you’re over 50, don’t hesitate! Now is a good time to Book your NHS Covid Jab – it’s quick and efficient, safe and effective, and painless. “

Data from NHS England shows a total of 3,040,250 shocks were administered to people in London between December 8 and March 20, including 2,830,964 first doses and 209,286 second doses.

This compares to 4,593,106 first doses and 266,422 second doses given to people in the Midlands for a total of 4,859,528.

The distribution for the other regions is:

– East England – 2,802,771 first cans and 171,370 second cans for a total of 2,974,141
– North East and Yorkshire – 3,667,743 first and 285,797 second cans (3,953,540)
– Northwest – 3,008,425 first and 195,861 second cans (3,204,286)
– Southeast – 3,876,901 first and 268,798 second cans (4,145,699)
– Southwest – 2,675,817 first and 186,059 second cans (2,861,876)

The record of 756,873 puffs of Covid given in England on Saturday included 686,424 first doses, NHS England said.

Dr. Emily Lawson, NHS England’s Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Responsible Officer for Vaccine Adoption, said, “It is noteworthy that, given the continued hard work of NHS staff and everyone involved in the delivery of shocks across the country, the vaccination program has achieved The vaccination program has once again surpassed its own success with its busiest week to date. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved in helping us reach this latest milestone.

“This week we offered vaccines for people aged 50 and over. We are making great strides. We therefore urge everyone in this group to take advantage of the wide range of websites you can book across the country to get a vaccine. ”


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