Anti-lockdown protest chaos as police arrest 60 demonstrators in London

Police arrested more than 60 people after the protests in London.

The Metropolitan Police said on Twitter: “Officials made over 60 arrests after groups gathered in London today.

“These covered a range of different criminal offenses, including violating coronavirus restrictions.

“We expect that number to rise. We continue to urge people to go home.”

The police were booed and sang “Shame on you” by protesters as they intervened in the anti-lockdown protest.

Traffic on Regent Street was temporarily blocked when officers tried to handcuff people on the ground in the middle of the street.

Police continued to handcuff several protesters as a protest against the lockdown raged through the streets of London.

Officials asked the noisy people to go home when the march abruptly changed direction on the way to Oxford Circus.

Cops have handcuffed people away from an anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park, London.

A large crowd of protesters chanting “Freedom” left the park near Marble Arch and marched along a street parallel to Oxford Street.

Policemen walked alongside the demonstrators carrying posters saying “Stop checking us” and “No more barriers”.

Anti-lockdown protest chaos as police arrest 60 demonstrators in London 1

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