Anti-vaccine messages on car slammed by bereaved families

Relatives of Covid victims’ surviving relatives beat up a father who plastered his car with anti-vaccine messages urging people to “say no to bans and masks” while saying he was “exempt from cops “.

Lockdown denier Daniel Bygrave outfitted his black Mazda 6 with the controversial idioms after splattering £ 500 on Poundland letter stickers that he claims were £ 1 per letter.

The Dad-of-One used to write reflective letters to write “No to Lock” and “No to Masks” on his bumper on his windshield – along with a number of other sentences that challenged restrictions.

The 40-year-old has been driving around for six months to attract attention to his cause, but it is alleged that speaking out has removed him from his doctor’s register and threats of setting fire to his car.

Now Sittingbourne, Kent residents have exclaimed “sheer ignorance” after angrily sharing the heartache of losing loved ones to the coronavirus.

A local, Emerald Ivory, who first spotted Daniel’s car on Monday, claims she found it “very annoying” after her own Nan became extremely uncomfortable with Covid-19 and couldn’t see her grandfather before he died.

The 22-year-old claims that she discovered the anti-masker who scribbled “nonsense” on leaflets in his driver’s seat, calling him “dangerous”.

Emerald of Sittingbourne, Kent said: “My immediate reaction was anger [because] I had a family, including my Nan, who had Covid-19.

“The sheer ignorance of this man and the boldness he had to hide his car in these lies was very annoying.

“”[I felt] A mixture of anger and disgust as I have lost family friends to this pandemic and I know thousands of others have too.

Emerald Ivory, 22, slammed the lockdown denier's anti-vaccine auto news

“It’s so frustrating to see people try to spread misinformation about something so serious that it can really endanger lives.

“I can imagine that the owner of the car was lucky enough not to hide.

“I know this man is not alone when he thinks these dangerous thoughts, that the government is somehow manipulating us with a fake disease. It’s so dangerous.”

Daniel, who describes himself as a “freedom fighter” on social media, claims he has been followed by trolls who threatened to set his car on fire since speaking out against bans and restrictions.

But the unemployed 40-year-old said he was simply looking after the next generation and had repeatedly been shut down by those in power.

Daniel of the Isle of Sheppey in Kent said: “My car was the only way my attention was drawn and it was still going on for a long time.

“I knew what I was getting myself into. I’m not going to shut up.

“I’ve been going around looking for letters and, funnily enough, I found the stickers in Poundland. They’re reflective at night too. They look good.

“I knew what I was getting myself into. I could have people knocking on the door and beating me up. I had people threatening to set my car on fire.

The Dad-of-One used to write reflective letters to write “No to Lock” and “No to Masks” on his bumper on his windshield - along with a number of other sentences that challenged restrictions.

“I’ve had people ask where I live or give out my name. I don’t know where I’ll go from one day to the next.

“I struggle to speak my side all the time. It’s hard work and exhausting.”

The unemployed Emerald claims she was “really frustrated” after discovering Daniel’s car and admitted that she feared that by the time restrictions are expected to be lifted, her area will return to high risk .

Emerald said: “When I passed the library in Sittingbourne I noticed that the car was parked there.

“I saw the driver walk by with a cigarette in his mouth and wondered how he could complain about how difficult it is to breathe masks when he fills his lungs with so many toxins.

“People like him are the reason we keep going into lockdown and I’m afraid that by the time we are supposed to relax the restrictions in the coming months, Swale is because of the people who are not following them Keeping the rules will still be a high risk area.

“When I took the picture of the back of his car, I assumed the driver was gone, but when I investigated, I found he was in the driver’s seat writing on a flyer.

“I stayed around. He got out of the car and went somewhere for a while before coming back. Although he didn’t tell me, he definitely stared at me and looked dirty once or twice.

“I lost my grandpa earlier this year and due to the coronavirus, I couldn’t see him for about a year before he died.

“I would have given anything to visit him, but the pandemic made it too dangerous to do so.

The anti-vaccine messages on Daniel Bygrave's car were as

“Seeing someone complain about wearing masks and the like when I’ve lost family and friends to the pandemic really frustrated me.

“There were a few [others] I was definitely staring at the car as they passed – I assume you read all of the messages that were strewn on it. “

Despite admitting that he refuses to wear a mask and has seen his family regardless of lockdown restrictions, Daniel claims his “heart goes” to bereaved relatives who have lost loved ones in the past 12 months.

The lockdown denier claims he was branded a conspiracy theorist for the first time in his life and urged people to “use their common sense”.

Daniel said, “I’m not trying to respect someone who has died of Covid-19. I don’t want to see anyone suffer – that’s my point.

“My reaction to people who have lost loved ones is that they run out of heart.

“I’ve been here in all different groups in different cities and I’m fine. I haven’t seen a single person with covid-19.

“We’re so busy and people don’t see the big picture. Nobody has seen the numbers for the devastation that occurred during the lockdown.

“I’ve never been called a conspiracy theorist in my life – only since it happened because I question things.

“I don’t understand why people don’t use their common sense. It all went out the window.

“I’m 100 percent against masks and lockdown. We’ve been around for a year now.

“The world has to go on. We closed for a year to stop the spread, but now it’s getting out of hand and England is falling into poverty.

“”[People should] Stop labeling me because I don’t want to give mine [family members] The injection. They don’t share people and call them dangerous.

“I became homeless after the credit crunch and got back on my feet with a van, a truck, a car. Then it happens. I’m not employed now.

“This is not about me. I take care of the next generation – my daughter.

“I’m not stupid. I know what could happen to my car. I don’t care and I would lose everything I own if it meant that I could see a future for my daughter.”

Emerald’s photos received more than 300 reactions and 722 comments on social media, many from angry users directly affected by the coronavirus.

A Facebook user wrote: “My Nan died of Covid.”

In response, one user replied, “I’m so sorry for your loss. My big Nan has also left covid so I can sympathize with the pain he has caused you and your family.”

Another commenter said, “Bl ** dy idiot. I almost died of Covid and.. [saw] some horrible things while i was in the hospital. People like this make me sick and I hope they never have to go through what I did. “

Facebook users used social media to criticize Daniel Bygrave's auto stunt

Another wrote, “For God’s sake, growing up, my cousin is in the hospital with this, wake up the shit.”

Other members of the group devoted to the region commented on Daniel’s car and the message he was trying to get across.

A local said: “It’s two fingers to all those who lost their lives because of the stupidity of others.”

Another said, “This is disgusting.”


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