Anti-vaccine protester dressed as Holocaust victim attacked by furious passerby

The anti-Vaxxer’s “ugly tactics” were widely condemned after his shocking protest Saturday afternoon in Melbourne, Australia

Passers-by confronted the Anti-Vaxxer and called him an “absolute disgrace”. His actions have been widely condemned (

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An anti-Vax protester in a Nazi concentration camp costume sparked outrage – before reportedly being beaten by an angry bystander.

The man was singing, holding a sign comparing Covid vaccine mandates to the Holocaust when he was reportedly attacked by a woman in her forties.

Footage shot on a street corner in Melbourne, Australia shows the Anti-Vaxxer in a blue and white striped costume holding a sign that reads “History Repeats Itself”.

Passers-by confronted the man, calling him an “absolute disgrace” before a woman entered and hit him The daily mail.

The actions of the anti-Vax protester were widely condemned.

The anti-Vaxxer’s “ugly tactics” were condemned



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“I spoke to the witness who filmed this, a Jewish woman in her fifties who has Holocaust survivors in her family,” said Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, a group fighting anti-Semitism in Australia.

“She and her friend came up to the man and told him he was an ‘absolute disgrace’.

The woman who shot the video allegedly has Holocaust survivors in her family



“Nothing in Australia even comes close to the indescribable atrocities committed by the Nazis on an industrial scale, and to claim that we are on our way to Auschwitz is indescribable and divorced from reality.”

Mr Abramovich later issued a statement stating, “No, Victoria is not going to become Nazi Germany, and those who oppose the vaccination mandate and proposed pandemic laws must stop using their ugly tactics.

“There is no equivalence between public health measures, laws and vaccinations aimed at saving lives until the Holocaust, in which six million Jews and millions of others were slaughtered and burned in the gas chambers.

“People can of course express their opposition to government policy, but they shouldn’t adopt the Holocaust to advance their cause.”

“Imagine the pain Holocaust survivors who have lost family members would feel walking down the street, seeing this person,” Abramovich said.

Witnesses have criticized the police for allegedly watching as the protest continued on Saturday afternoon.

According to Abramovich, “the Jewish woman and her boyfriend asked why the police were arresting the woman and not the man and were told that he had the right to free speech.”

The anti-Vaxxer was eventually told to move on.

Victoria Police told Daily Mail Australia they could not tell which officers were present and they would not be able to comment on the matter.

Thousands of protesters gathered in Melbourne on Saturday to oppose new pandemic legislation and the government’s vaccine mandates in the state of Victoria.

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