Apple AirTag: Why Is It Possible To Make a Hole In An Apple AirTag But Not Recommended

Apple AirTag: Rumors for a long time but finally presented, Apple AirTags are small devices that turn any object into a GPS point and help you find an object that cannot connect to the Internet. By this we mean wallets, keys, bags… whatever you do every day. But curiously enough, they need an extra element to use in keys, for example.

Apple AirTags without a hole

Each AirTag is “round, small and light” and has a precision engraved, polished stainless steel construction and is IP67 waterproof and dust resistant. And when they were unveiled a few weeks ago, Apple also introduced accessories such as key rings or polyurethane ties in which you can place the AirTag and hang it on a key ring or hook on another element. And every accessory is worth at least as much as an AirTag.

So the question is, why not use it without an accessory and save yourself the extra expense? You can, but it’s impossible to hang it on the keys, for instance because they don’t have a hole for it – hence the launch of accessories – something that other mini-locating devices like Tile or Samsung’s Galaxy SmarTag do.

As always, the third party will be launching their own accessories for the AirTags at much lower prices than the official prices – but they are not Apple – but there will certainly be someone who will only pay for the AirTag by punching a hole for a pin himself.

You can, but you shouldn’t

The question is, can you make a small hole in an AirTag that is wide enough to hang it on key rings and so on? The short, direct answer is “yes”, but the extended answer is “… but you shouldn’t do that”. The iFixit website, known for its ‘teardowns’ in which it shows us the ‘guts’ of devices that have just entered the market, disassembled an AirTag and found that the minimum internal space of the device is being used really well and up to the pinnacle of components and technology.

According to iFixit, after examining the inside of the AirTag, “we took a 1/16 inch bit and carefully drilled a hole in the second tracer in our four-pack, after removing the battery, of course. Miraculously, we managed to avoid all the chips, plates and antennas, and only pierced the plastic and glue. And the best? The AirTag survived the operation like a champion and works as if nothing had happened ”.

But this doesn’t mean it’s easy, and if you think about it, iFixit keeps warning why it’s possible but not recommended to put the drill in the AirTag: “Drilling in the wrong place can cause serious damage, so don’t try it at home. Unless you’re willing to turn your tracker into a really lightweight paperweight. “

Will customer service and Complaints and AirTags App Stores be filled with gaps that suddenly stop working?

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