Apple and China take a joint step to launch app hunt

Apple and China have taken a joint move for the App Store, banning a large number of applications. At the request of the local government, thousands of apps have been pulled from the App Store to remove apps in China. It was also noteworthy that this development was experienced after the tensions between US brands and China.

It is known that the use of many social media platforms and applications is prohibited in China. For this, it is also one of the information that the Chinese prefer some VPN services. Now there are bans in the App Store that won’t please Chinese citizens.

Apple and China partner for App Store

According to reports, about 45,000 applications have been removed from the App Store at the request of the local government. It is said that 39 thousand of the 45 thousand applications removed are games and most of these games are paid. Among the games that have been removed according to some claims, there is even the game from the world famous developer Ubisoft. However, it is possible to argue that users outside of China are not affected by the removal process.

The licensing process is shown as the reason for the removal of the applications. Under Chinese law, any paid application must have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) license. However, it is stated that these applications are not getting the ISBN number, so they are removed from the App Store by Apple and China.

It is also curious how the Chinese citizens will react to this attitude of the Chinese government, which does not tolerate such demands. Because last summer, about 30,000 applications were removed from the store for the same reason.

Free-to-play applications are said to remain available in the App Store. Researchers report that 97 of the top 100 games in the App Store have received an ISBN license. Application developers suffer the most after the removal process.

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