Apple And Google Restrictions For iPhone And Android In Russia And Ukraine

Apple And Google Restrictions For iPhone And Android In Russia And Ukraine

apple: War is an explosive, unpredictable and tremendously unstable situation that changes everything. And the one we live in now is governed by those rules. The problem of a war always falls on the same factor: the people. The one between Ukraine and Russia has been motivated solely by a Vladimir Putin eager to see the world burn, since his people -and even his oligarchs who have defended him so much on other occasions- have declared themselves against this nonsense.

But because of Putin, the Russian people will pay with the issue of sanctions

Apple and Google sanctions on Russia

The collapsed ruble, the economy plunged again after coming out of two years of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the NATO sanctions that will hit harder. To it are added other major technology companies, since platforms such as Google and apple itself have intervened and applied their own sanctions. And it’s that apple has become the latest major company to suspend all product sales in Russia, in a widening corporate reaction to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Those in Cupertino declared themselves “deeply concerned” about the Russian invasion and sympathize with those who “suffer as a result of the violence.” for this reason, apple Pay and other services such as apple Maps also have been limited.

Google has removed state-funded Russian publishers, such as RT, from their roles. According to the RIA news agency, Russian-language mobile banking apps, such as the one from Russian bank VTB, could soon stop working on devices running Apple’s iOS operating system.





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