Apple buys $ 50 million in Tesla batteries for solar plant

Apple has announced a new energy storage unit for its solar power plant that promises to save up to 240 MWh of energy, an amount capable of powering up to 7,000 homes per day. According to Electrek, the construction will be carried out in collaboration with Tesla, which will supply batteries for the installation.

The energy storage unit will be installed by Apple in California, United States and promises to be one of the largest of its kind in the country. According to Electrek’s calculations, the company would have spent more than $ 50 million on Tesla batteries to carry out the project.

Tesla batteries will be used to store the energy collected by Apple’s solar power plant, which powers the company’s buildings in Cupertino. “This project supports the company’s 130-megawatt solar farm, which supplies all of its renewable energy in California, stores and uses the excess energy generated during the day,” explains Apple’s statement.

85 Tesla Megapack batteries

According to documents obtained by The Verge, the solar power plant’s storage unit will use 85 Tesla Megapack batteries, which will be installed in 60 centimeter thick concrete blocks. The set promises to be so powerful that it can even surpass a car manufacturer’s own construction.

According to Electrek, Apple’s energy storage unit will not only be the largest in the United States, but should also beat buildings like Tesla’s ‘Big Battery’. The company has one of the largest batteries in the world in Australia, with a storage capacity of 193.5 MWh. An interesting detail is that in 2017 the installations were set up in just 100 days after a bet by Elon Musk.

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