Apple Confirms The Official Date of Keynote 2021 for September 14

Finally, the long wait to know when the Apple Keynote of 2021 will be is over. It is the quintessential event of the American company where we will see at least one of the company’s most beloved devices. We’re talking about the famous iPhone 13 that is sure to make its appearance on other devices from the company next week.

Confirmed: Apple Keynote 2021 on September 14

Apple is one of the most loved companies in the world of technology and it is on its own merits. Not only does it have some of the most reliable devices on the market in various segments, it also follows its corporate policy of leaning towards the most complete durability. It has demonstrated this every year in its developer conferences, the WWDC, and in the Keynotes that usually arrive in the month of September. At that time, some were already impatient for the official date of Keynote 2021, for today we finally know when it will be.

Those from Cupertino have put all the details on their website where they will be gathering all their fans and media at 7pm on September 14th. (peninsular time). However, the company will continue the trend of planning an event live, meaning the event audience will once again be completely virtual. This practice is already common not only in Tim Cook’s company, but also among many who are aware of the presence of Covid-19. For this reason, the Steve Jobs Theater will once again remain empty, although we cannot rule out the possibility of it filling up in the near future.

What to expect from Keynote 2021?

Apple always chooses the second Tuesday in September to make his presentations on his mobile devices. And this is what we will probably see on September 14th at Keynote 2021. This year there is nothing on the company’s website that leaves a clue like last year with its ‘Hello, speed’ announcing the arrival of 5G on their new mobile phones, but some have left us a pearl.

In particular it has been apples senior vice president of global marketing, Greg Joswiak, who posted on his Twitter account the date of the event with the bitten Apple in VR format with a background that looks like you can get into it. It could be a hint to announce some sort of virtual reality device, though that will have to be seen on the day of the meeting.

On the other hand, and without compromising it, it is very likely that we will see the latest in telephony with the new iPhone 13 with iOS 15 and a new Apple Watch smart watch. There’s also talk of the iPad refresh, so we’ll be on the lookout for any announcements made that day Apple makes in his Keynote 2021.

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