Apple Could Stop Updating The Apple Watch Series 3, Why?

apple: There are many users who have a smartwatch on their wrist. The device is very important for everyone’s day-to-day life, both for those who care about how many kilometers they cover in a day and those who want to see the notifications received without having to look at the smartphone. But in the world of technology it is a fact that all devices do not have the same duration in the market and sometimes it is time to leave them behind. And this is what is happening specifically with the apple Watch Series 3, which will stop receiving updates.

Apple could not add the Apple Watch Series 3 to its updated list

Companies in the world of technology usually work thinking about showing a new update of their devices a year from now. This is something we have become accustomed to in recent years, and in the end, companies must assess the continuity of one device or another with which they want to reach more and more people.

And this is also something we are getting used to, knowing that even electronic products have an update deadline. This may be what happens next to the apple Watch Series 3, which would stop updating back in the third quarter of the year.

The date is not chosen at random, since it will be then when we would see the new wearable of the bitten apple, which would be the Series 8 if everything continues with the usual numbering. In addition, the ‘warning’ has not been given by just anyone since it has been Ming-Chi Kuo, the famous Chinese analyst who has tweeted about this possibility, which is by no means unreasonable.

Reasons why the Apple Watch Series 3 would not be updated

long time on the market

The first thing to take into account to understand this possible movement of the bitten apple is the time factor. All companies leave a margin of about 4 years of free updates for all their devices and, after that time, the company in charge will stop offering these updates.

This taken to the field of apple wearable we can see that the next version of WatchOS will no longer be compatible with the device.

Other economically similar but more powerful devices

One of the things that you have to keep in mind in the cupertino house is that it has many models of the watch on the market. And we are not only talking about a total of four series above it, but two years ago another exponent was presented: the Apple Watch SE. This is a much more modern model that promised to give the best of the watch at a reduced price, something that gives rise to opt for the newest over the old.

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