Apple Delays Subscription Feature for Podcast App

Apple: The podcast subscription system, expected to be activated by Apple this month has been postponed to June. Two days before the end of the month, an email was sent from Apple to content producers.

Interest in podcasts has been on the rise in recent times, and this interest is helping various companies develop new ideas to draw such content creators to their platforms. Apple is also preparing to take its place among these companies.

The subscription system for Apple Podcast will be opened to users this month. Members of this system want to have features such as early access to sections and ad-free listening. In the statement of Apple in April it was announced that the feature would be active in 170 countries.

Apple podcast will have to wait

Several makers who have recently started using the feature have started to run into problems. Some creators were unable to access Apples Podcast Connect portal, while others saw delays in the airing of new episodes.

The subscription service, which should be active this month under normal circumstances, will be actively used next month for these reasons. An email has been sent from Apple to the producers of content on the matter. Claiming that it slowed down the feature to provide the best experience in this email, Apple also clarified some points.

Claiming that users from all over the world are sending hundreds of new podcasts every day and subscribing to podcasts, Apple stated that this situation is pleasant. He stated that the feature will be released in June to provide the best experience.

The company stated that it is aware of the issues it has encountered in recent weeks, and said it is focusing on these points and will make appropriate updates. He also stated that they were acting on the feedback from Apple customers using iOS 14.6. Finally, the Cupertinolu company thanked the content producers and listeners for their understanding and stated that the feature will soon be available around the world.

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