Apple Does Not Want To Buy Periscope Lenses To Be Used In The 2023 Iphone Series From Samsung

Apple: Folded optical lenses can maximize the significantly improved optical zoom and image stabilization of iPhone models without the need for a thicker housing. After purchasing Corephotonix in 2019, Samsung became the new owner of all patents for the technology.

According to De Elek, Apple plans to remove Samsung from its folded lens module supply chain by 2023. It is worth remembering that the publication previously stated that Samsung will supply components to LG InnoTek to assemble Apple Products.

2023 will be an active year

The Elec says that Apple aims to supply the lens components separately, which it will introduce as the “Periscope” camera. According to the statement, Samsung’s patents are standing in the way of their plans, in which case Apple must find a way to manufacture the lens without being stuck with patents or paying the necessary license fee to use the lens.

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