Apple Fitness Plus, special exercise options for pregnant and elderly people are added

Apple Fitness Plus adds new exercise options to its service. Among these options, Apple Fitness Plus includes special programs for beginning athletes and exercise options suitable for pregnant women and the elderly.

Jay Blahnik, Apple’s senior director of fitness technologies, said: “We offer many more options to get started, stay active and healthy during pregnancy, and also start exercising at all ages. passionate coaches keep many more people active.

There are a total of 10 exercises in the new pregnancy training program. Here are exercises in the strength, core, and conscious cooling categories. Each of these exercises, which are specially prepared for pregnant women, lasts 10 minutes. Depending on the pregnancy process, different variations of the exercises are offered.

As the name suggests, eight exercises for the elderly have been prepared in the “Exercises for Older Adults” program. Exercises designed to use lighter weights or body weight can also get help from a chair or wall.

Options for beginners or those returning to exercise after a long period of time include low-impact yoga, HIIT, and strength classes. Thus, beginners are facilitated in the basic exercise process.

Apple Fitness Plus also offers a new section “Time to Run”. The guest of this Earth Day theme program is Jane Fonda. All new content from Apple Fitness Plus meets users on April 19.

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