Apple: Former Employee Accused Of Leaking Secrets Is Investigated

Apple: A few months ago, Apple revealed it had opened a civil investigation against one of its former employees who allegedly leaked confidential information. Now Simon Lancaster, one of the company’s former materials chiefs, is under criminal investigation by the California government.

New legal documents released revealed that the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office had opened an official criminal investigation against the professional. The information also indicates that a new phase of the case will take place on November 18, 2021.

“The day after the parties’ Initial Case Management Conference, the Santa Clara County Attorney’s Office first informed Lancaster’s attorney that he was the subject of a criminal investigation into the alleged theft of trade secrets.” published in the documents.

Defendant wants the right to the Fifth Amendment

Defendant’s attorney has already filed a petition with the Santa Clara District Court for the… apples lawsuit, at least as long as the criminal investigation does not lead to a solution.

Lancaster argues that continuing the trial during the criminal investigation could undermine his rights under the Fifth Amendment, which provides safeguards against abuses of state authority and states that no citizen is obligated to testify against themselves.

“The primary consideration in this motion to uphold is the defendant’s Fifth Amendment rights and whether those rights will be implied by the discovery and disclosures required in the civil suit,” the legal documents revealed.

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