Apple has released a Zero Day security patch

Apple has released a security patch update for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch to address a Zero Day vulnerability detected by hackers. The update also affects older devices.

Apple’s zero-day security patch also covers older devices

This security patch secures iOS 14.4.2 and iPadOS 14.4.2. The update also includes patches for older devices such as iOS 12.5.2 and updates to watchOS 7.3. As for the vulnerability discovered by Project Zero, a team of security analysts tasked with finding Zero Day vulnerabilities by Google, Apple said the vulnerability may have been exploited by hackers. The company also cited the cause of the error WebKit, the browser engine that runs the Safari browser on all Apple devices.

Commenting on the topic, Apple said, “Processing maliciously crafted web content can lead to universal cross-site scripting. Our company is aware that this problem may have been actively exploited. Thieves can find a way to trick your browser into accessing private data they shouldn’t see and use this flaw to do bad things. The update aims to prevent this, ”he said.

It is not yet known who actively exploited the vulnerabilities or who became a victim. Because Apple didn’t say whether the attack targeted a small number of users or a larger audience. Apple released three updates this year to fix flaws under active attacks, and earlier this month released a patch for similar vulnerabilities in WebKit.

The vulnerability known as Zero Day are the attacks that hackers tried before the vulnerabilities were made public. These attacks are attempted before the developer is aware of the version or has revised the version and pose a serious threat.

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