Apple Hires Mercedes Engineers for Apple Car Team

Apple: Rumors about the “apple car” resurfaced in recent days, following news that the car should go into production in 2024. This Friday (3), speculation about the project took on a new chapter: MacRumors revealed the hiring of two engineers who worked at Mercedes-Benz by the Cupertino company.

According to the website, one of the new members of the “Project Titan”, as the mysterious Apple car was also known is the engineer Anton Uselmann. With a doctorate in mechatronics, he was one of those responsible for the development of the steering systems for the high-performance cars of the German car manufacturer.

Uselmann worked at Mercedes from January 2018 to August this year, also with a period at Porsche. Now his LinkedIn profile lists the role of product design engineer in apples “Special Projects Group”, which he joined at the beginning of September.

The other contractor was not named, but was also a former Mercedes engineer, who is said to be taking part in the Cupertino company’s electric car production project. The publication recalls that big tech has already resorted to technicians and executives from major automakers on other occasions.

Looking for partners

Apple and Mercedes have already collaborated on other possibilities, when the automaker CarPlay and Apple Music features of some of his cars, for example. However, the German brand may not be involved in the production of the apple car, if the project really gets off the ground.

On the other hand, it is speculated that Apple would talk to Toyota to help with the car’s manufacturing process, in addition to seeking out other Japanese and Korean suppliers. Negotiations with BMW, Hyundai/Kia, GM and Nissan are also said to have taken place, but ended in nothing new.

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