Apple Launches Android App That Detects And Shuts Down AirTags

Apple launched this Monday (13) an application for Android that finds units near the company’s smart tags, the AirTags. The purpose of Tracker Detect is to scan and find the region: AirTags that work nearby and transmit the location signal, but are not linked to the mobile phone owner’s device.

The app can find any device connected to the Find My network that is within a few meters of you, including other similar products from other brands such as Chipolo.

The service then lists nearby models and suggests a series of actions, such as asking to emit a sound to make it easier to find or even disable it. You can still write down the serial number of the device to try to identify the owner later.

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Since they were announced in April 2021, AirTags have caused controversy because of the ease with which the product can be used in an unethical way: the devices can serve not only for bag or key tracking, but also for stalking and even car theft, as reported in Canada.

Soon, the company started to launch security mechanisms and create content to better inform users. However, until now, all features were only available to iPhone owners, who could detect “lost” nearby AirTags and, in case they suspect anything, turn off the devices.

You can download Tracker Detect from Google Play Store for free. The app is lightweight and requires a tablet or phone with Android 9 or higher.

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