Apple Maps Puts Crimea As Part Of Ukraine

apple: In recent days we are experiencing one of the toughest events in Europe in recent years. The whole world is aware of what is happening in Ukraine with the present invasion of Russia and more and more countries are taking a stand against the conflict which, unfortunately, continues to worsen. But the positioning has reached the point that in the world of technology it has also taken its position. And in the case of apple, measures have been taken that already put the Crimean peninsula as part of Ukraine.

Crimea, a territory conquered by Russia

A bit of contemporary history, since it is worth taking a look at what happened in 2014. At that time, Russia invaded the Crimean peninsula and installed its officials there, which is why this part is considered to be controlled by Russia, but not exercises its sovereignty over it. As far as the technological section is concerned, apple had not considered Crimea as part of any country, at least until 2019 when it put on Maps that it was part of Russia.

However, this has changed in recent days with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is why the bitten apple has not only withdrawn its products from the Eastern European country. The latest measure adopted by the Californian firm has to do with an important app at the moment such as Maps, which puts Crimea as part of Ukraine.

At least that’s how it puts it on Mashable, where they say that at least in the United States, Australia and Europe you can already see this sudden and discreet change of the firm. What is not yet known is whether Russia has applied this important change that affects the world’s view of the conflict and the extension of the eastern country.

We will have to wait for the resolution of the current conflict to know in what condition the map is after. For now, we can only hope that the war is over as soon as possible.

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