Apple May Introduce 1Password-Like Features to Keychain in iOS 14

Apple May Introduce 1Password-Like Features to Keychain in iOS 14

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One of the most crucial steps people can take to protect their data is to use unique, complex passwords that cannot be easily guessed, recycled, or reused between their accounts. The easiest way to do this is to use a password manager. Apple makes one available for free to macOS and iOS users, but the application does not support the functionality of popular third parties password managers such as LastPass and 1Password.

That could change quickly, the company reports are preparing to showcase some of the best features of those apps. According to a report by 9to5Mac, what it said obtained a “Built early “ In the upcoming iOS 14 update, Apple is currently testing new security features for iCloud Keychain. Which reportedly including warning users of reused passwords to avoid bad password practices, as well as the introduction of a two-factor authentication integration that allows users to log into sites without having to use a second key via Text or email, which can be less safe than to use the feature through a password manager or a third-party authentication app.

Apple did not immediately return Gizmodos request comments on the reported characteristics.

Apple users may not be quite ready to end their paid password manager subscriptions yet. The seamlessness with which you can use some third-party password managers on different devices – on your Apple phone via a keychain autofill feature, in Chrome via an extension, on desktop, etc. – makes it a no-brainer for users who like the convenience of accessing their passwords on all their devices, and with relative ease.

Still, Apple introduced some of these features to its existing password manager help its users practice better password hygiene by using unique passwords for all their accounts and making 2FA a little seamless on the sites that support it – especially 2FA users who use SMS for example can still steal their information via SIM hijacking.

However, a release is still a long way off, as iOS 14 isn’t planned for fall. So don’t let your better-equipped down password managers not yet.



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