Apple May Launch New Mac Mini With M1X Chip and Magnetic Connector

Apple may launch a new computer for the Mac Mini line with an M1X chip, says Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser. In a recently published video, the leak specialist brought out details and even the possible design of the device.

According to the information, the product will be launched in 2021 as a top new computer for the Mac Mini line. The compact PC replaces the current model equipped with an Intel CPU, while the version launched last year is sold as an entry-level product.

According to the images released by Jon Prosser, the new Mac Mini will have a slim design and a magnetic connection, just like the new line of iMac computers. The product is likely to be given a glass finish and may be marketed in two-tone colors.

New M1X chip

The chip identified as M1X by Jon Prosser may be one of the ARM processors being developed by Apple today. According to information from Bloomberg, the part should have 10 cores, eight of which are focused on high performance and two for basic tasks.

Speculation still indicates that the chip in question will support up to 64 GB of RAM. In addition, the M1X should work with more Thunderbolt connections, ensuring multi-monitor support.

So far, Apple has not commented on the new Mac Mini and the arrival of new chips inspired by the M1. However, the company plans to transfer its entire catalog to Apple Silicon until next year, the trend is for more news to come at WWDC next week, and at events in the second half of 2021.

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