Apple Music is growing fast! On the back of Spotify

Apple Music is growing fast! On the back of Spotify

The difference between Apple Music and Spotify has started to close. Spotify is already by far the leader of the music apps market. However, in recent times, Apple Music seems to have achieved a much faster growth momentum against Spotify. The number of Apple Music subscribers seems to have increased considerably, especially on my last return.

Can Apple Music subscriber count catch up with Spotify?

Spotify had a hard time standing against many of its competitors, especially during the pandemic process. Although it is the biggest player in the music apps market, Apple Music has started to close the gap with Spotify on its platform.

Judging by the figures, the gap between Spotify’s market share and Apple Music began to close. In the last quarter, Spotify came out with a growth figure of 6 percent. Apple Music, its biggest competitor, grew by 10 percent.

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This 4 percent difference has not yet melted away the huge difference between the two platforms. However, experts say the figures show that the Apple Music platform is becoming more preferred by iPhone users. The reason for this preference is thought to be due to the fact that Apple users have started to rely more on iOS-based applications. Especially the fact that iOS users spend more than Android users makes this market even more valuable.

However, Spotify still has a big advantage over Apple’s Music app with its subscribers. For now, Spotify is at the top with 138 million paid subscribers. The number of Apple Music paid subscribers is far from the peak of 82 million.


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