Apple Ordered To Pay A Brazilian Customer For Headphones

apple: User Ruleandson do Carmo filed and won a lawsuit against apple Brazil for the full value of the Powerbeats Pro phone. After claiming warranty, apple refused to replace the phone and mistreated the customer, according to the indictment.

User purchased the Powerbeats Pro headset in 2019 with AppleCare+ extended warranty service, which covers accidental damage with up to two replacements every twelve months. However, the customer encountered problems when trying to use the service.

Didn’t like it? sue me

According to Ruleandson, his dog would have swallowed one of the headphones, leaving only a piece of black plastic expelled in the feces after veterinary care. apple claimed that it was not damage, but that the user had lost the phone, and refused to send a new pair.

Dissatisfied, he opened a complaint with the company’s support in which the attendant would have replied “don’t agree, look for the special court”. The owner of the damaged phone followed the advice and filed a lawsuit in the Minas Gerais Court of Justice.

apple also requested a technical expertise on the remains of the Powerbeats and the judge in the case, Sergio Castro da Cunha Peixoto, not only denied the request but also considered it an attempt to delay the case.

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