Apple Plans To Expand CarPlay Features

Apple: CarPlay, which currently allows you to view maps, make calls and listen to music, among other things, may soon receive new features, including air conditioning and seat adjustment. As reported by Bloomberg on Thursday (7), Apple wants to make the tool more integrated in cars.

According to the publication, the project called “IronHeart” is in its early stages and envisions greater interaction between the system and the car. In the new version, CarPlay would allow the user to access settings, controls and sensors.

From this integration, the driver would be able to change the cabin temperature, tinker with the radio, adjust the speakers and much more, directly through the interface of the iPhone-based system. Information about the speedometer, tachometer and fuel level would also be available through the technology, sources said in the article.

With the initiative, Android Auto’s competitor would transform itself into an interface that would have almost complete control over the vehicle. It is worth remembering that Apple recently offered the ability to use the iPhone to unlock the doors and start the engine, features available on newer cars.

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