Apple puts iPhone assembler Foxconn’s India plant on notice after protests, food poisoning

CHENNAI – Apple said it suspended iPhone assembler Foxconn’s South Indian factory after both companies discovered that some workers’ dormitories and dining rooms were not meeting required standards.

Apple hasn’t explained what parole is.

When the company suspended another supplier’s South Indian plant, Wistron Corp, after rioting last year, it said it would not award that company any new business until it deals with workers’ treatment.

The latest action follows protests that broke out this month after more than 250 women who work at the Foxconn plant and live in one of the dormitories were treated for food poisoning. More than 150 have been hospitalized, Reuters reported.

The plant, which is located in the city of Sriperumbudur near Chennai and employs around 17,000 people, closed on December 18. Apple and Foxconn did not announce when they expect to reopen.

A Foxconn spokesman in Taiwan said Wednesday that it was restructuring its local management team, taking immediate steps to improve facilities, adding that all employees would continue to be paid while the improvements needed to get operations started were made.

An Apple spokesman said Wednesday it had dispatched independent auditors to assess dormitory conditions “following recent concerns about food safety and accommodation conditions at Foxconn Sriperumbudur.”

Apple said it found that some of the dormitories and dining rooms that were off-site were not meeting its requirements and that it was working with the supplier to ensure full corrective action to ensure strict standards are met before the facility reopens.

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