Apple Releases Update for iOS 13.7: Here’s What’s New

Apple has sent a new software update to iPhone users. The update, called iOS 13.7, offers “exposure notifications” against COVID-19 to the service of users. This way, users will be alerted if they come into contact with people who have been infected with coronavirus.

Apple, which is mostly on the agenda with iOS 14, released a new update about a month after iOS 13.6 was released. While Apple upgraded the operating system to iOS 13.7 with the update it published, the latest update brings some innovations to users. the beginning of this innovation has exposure notifications can not be used in Turkey.

Exposure reports are about the coronavirus epidemic that has become part of our lives. Using this feature of their phones, users receive notifications when they approach people with coronavirus. In this way, it is aimed to prevent contact. Turkey is currently unavailable in property seems to be a life saver for many users in the US.

This is how the new feature of iOS 13.7 looks

The potentially life-saving exposure notification system of iOS 13.7 saves users from third-party apps. So much so that a user activates this feature using the Settings menu of his phone and continues his life as usual. If a user comes into contact with someone who has COVID-19, they are alerted by a phone notification.

The new feature introduced to users with iOS 13.7 is currently only used in some US states such as Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and Nevada. While Apple said that its coverage area will expand in the future, it has not forgotten the regions where the feature is not available. The feature is partially available in regions not supported by redirecting to third-party apps.

Meanwhile, the iOS 13.7 update doesn’t just make exposure notifications available to users. The company states that some bug fixes and general system improvements are also included with this update. In addition, new Memoji stickers are offered to users with iOS 13.7.

The iOS 13.7 update is now available for download by users. For this, you can go to the Software Update section in the Settings menu of your phone. The update, which is about 400 MB in size, will probably be the last update of iOS 13. The company will now continue to work on iOS 14 and later versions.

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