Apple removes some settings from its iMac

When it comes to work, many users rely on the bitten apple’s equipment. There’s no denying that Apple’s work to provide powerful and balanced equipment within a sleek chassis is enormous. Until now, different users have had different options to create their own devices, but they will soon find that some models do not have some configurations.

Goodbye to some iMac settings

Different companies work to provide users with different options to configure their products. If we focus on the segment of computers, we can see different versions in which you can choose the size of the internal space, RAM or processor. These are the most common, the ones you can even change if you need them at some point for other larger models.

But sometimes companies decide to “cut” the options they put on their machines, as is the case with the one in Cupertino. As it turns out, Apple has removed some settings from some iMac, both in their standard version and Pro version. This means that the different options have only one configuration or only two. This does not mean that the models no longer sell, just that you only have fewer options when you buy.

The “cropped” iMacs

According to what they have in Mashable, some iMac models will not have more settings. The good thing is that the changes only focus on the internal space, leaving the essence of the device intact. You may be looking for a California brand terminal and now you have the options we tell you below:

21.5-inch iMac – Available in 256 GB
27-inch iMac – available with 512 GB

As you can see, the two options are below the terabyte offered by the company. This is not a problem if you have an additional storage device later, although there is an option that some will miss considering the ones already on sale.

Goodbye to the iMac Pro

Yes, of all the versions Apple has withdrawn, the iMac Pro has completely disappeared. The top version of the desktop computer has been left out of the virtual showcase and it is still not known why. Perhaps the company has new models to work on and is therefore devoting its resources to manufacturing these models.

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