Apple Sued For Banning User Who Spent $ 25,000 On Content

Apple: An American user sues Apple for considering the company’s practices “illegal” and “unscrupulous”.

According to the Apple Insider website, the case is that of Matthew Price, a resident of the state of Pennsylvania (USA), who had Apple ID banned by the company for alleged violation of terms of use.

The problem? Since the creation of the profile, he has spent about $ 25,000 (about $ 135,000 in direct currency conversion) on content sold through the company’s stores such as iTunes Store and App Store. Without access to the account, he also misses the opportunity to see, play and listen to everything that has been acquired.

Confusing story

The reason for the suspension was not detailed in the lawsuit, but one of the appeals’ complaints is that Apple can delete accounts without any prior explanation and even on mere suspicion, also wiping access to multimedia content.

The lawsuit seeks damages from the accused, in addition to paying legal fees for the prosecution, returning the lost money, and preventing the execution of “illegal” bans.

In addition, Price wants to turn the lawsuit into a class action lawsuit, bringing together more cases of people accusing losses due to an illegal suspension of the company’s account.

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