Apple To Remove Physical SIM Input On iPhone 15 Pro

Apple: Starting with the iPhone XS, Apple eSIM technology made available for the use of carrier virtual chips. Now, new rumors indicate that the company may be withdrawing the option to use a physical chip on the iPhone 15 Pro.

According to information released by the iPhone Blog, iPhone Pro versions will be released from 2023 without a physical listing for the SIM cards. The devices should work with only two eSIM slots.

“Instead, the connection to the operator should be done through 2 eSIM (dual eSIM) slots, which can support two different lines at the same time, as is already happening in the iPhone 13,” the blog published.

As revealed on the website, the information was revealed by an insider of the British company making the initiative viable, but they have not disclosed the name of the company or the person responsible for spreading the rumours.

More informants and leaks

MacRumors also said it had received inside information indicating that Apple had already contacted major US carriers advising that new eSIM smartphones should be released by September 2022, but they did not specify the devices.

Another insider claimed that Apple is already in the process of removing the entry from the SIM card. “I was able to confirm from sources that” Apple will work to remove the sim card tray sooner or later. That won’t happen this year, but internally they are testing an undisclosed eSIM-only iPhone model,” said the leaker identified as Dylan DKT.

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