Apple Warns: Using iPhones On Motorcycles Can Damage Cameras

Apple revealed on Friday (10) a kind of inconsistency that is detrimental to the life of iPhone cameras and that, while limited to a different group of users, deserves to be carefully observed: high-power or high-volume motorcycle engines. The Apple fire recommends not connecting iPhones to this type of vehicle, as the intense vibrations transmitted through the chassis and handlebars damage the OIS and AF systems of the devices.

OIS, or optical image stabilization, has a gyroscope that detects camera movement as you take the shot and reduces potential blur. AF, or closed-loop autofocus, present on some iPhone models, has built-in magnetic sensors to compensate for movement and correct the lens position for sharp gains.

How to solve the problem of harmful vibration for iPhone cameras?

According to Apple, While both systems are designed to last, direct long-term exposure “to high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges” can be detrimental to the performance of these components, as is the case with many electronic products. That is, prolonged exposure of the iPhone to these conditions can lead to reduced image quality and permanent damage to systems.

While the obvious reason why the Cupertino company is now issuing this warning is unknown, there are case reports in discussion forums, pointing to damage caused in the highlighted conditions, even on mountain bikes. Apple clarifies that the problem can be solved using an anti-vibration support, and clarifies that less powerful electric scooters or motorcycles do not cause these harmful vibrations.

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