Apple Watch helps save users’ lives

Apple Watches are very interesting gadgets, especially for those who want to maintain a physical exercise routine and use the wearable to track walks, runs and other type of actions in addition to monitoring the heart rate and even the level of oxygen saturation in the blood.

However, sometimes Apple devices do much more than that and end up saving the lives of their users. For example, we have already seen that the Cupertino giant’s smart watches have already helped a user discover a major heart condition and thus saved the 22-year-old boy’s life.

Now an Apple Watch was again important in revealing an abnormal heart rhythm and saving it to probably save someone else’s life.

Ohio resident Zachary Zies has been struggling since high school in a wheelchair against Friedreich’s ataxia, an autosomal recessive genetic disorder that causes problems walking and disrupts speech.

The American revealed he was resting when his Apple Watch began to alert him to a fast heart rate: Even at rest, his heart started beating 210 times a minute.

When Zies received the warning, he went to the doctor and found that he needed an arterial ablation to correct an abnormal heart pulse. The procedure helped normalize his heart rate and, according to Zachary, he’s now about 90% recovered.

The Apple Watch 6, the latest watch from the American giant, has sensors to record heart rate and oxygen saturation in the blood.

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