Apple Watch Marks The Smartwatch Market

Apple Watch maintains its leading position in the smartwatch market with its market share. The smartwatch market continues to evolve every day. One of the first products that comes to mind when we say that smart watches are the Apple Watch. Apple continues to increase its smartwatch sales in this emerging market.

Apple is currently at the top of the smartwatch market, achieving it with the company’s most popular watch, the Apple Watch Set 6.

Apple Watch has a 33.5% market share

According to data from a research organization called Counterpoint, brands are in a serious battle to gain market share in the smartwatch market. While Apple Watch has a high share of 33.5% of the market share, Huawei comes in second with a market share of 8.3%. In third place comes Samsung with its Tizen operating system with a market share of 8%. Apart from these three brands, a few companies make up the rest of the market share.

Apple Watch leadership is taking place despite the efforts and mergers of companies trying to fight Apple. It should be noted that Apple has shown great success in this regard as well.

Senior analyst Sujeong Lim said: “Apple has been able to consolidate its leading position in the market by expanding its portfolio from Apple Watch SE to Series 6 at the right time. This could lead to the introduction of a mid-priced model for Samsung to accelerate growth. Statements declined.

Google’s work on smart watches is also continuing. The WearOS software released by Google only gained a 3.9% market share and did not attract much attention. That’s why Google recently bought the Fitbit.

Neil Shah, Counterpoint’s Vice President of Research, said on the issue, “This is a great step that Google has taken to further accelerate its wearable goals. A powerful portfolio of Wear devices can be created that includes three of the” The world’s best software, Tizen OS, Wear OS and Fitbit OS, are integrated. This merger adds more power to Google’s Wear platform and attracts more developers to create newer experiences for the wrist, “said.

Apple introduces Apple Fitness + to create a new synergy

Apple combines fitness tracking Apple Watch with video exercises on Apple TV or iPad with the Fitness + it introduced.

There are also some rumors about it Apple Watch Series 7. These rumors indicate that Apple may offer a blood pressure monitor or glucose monitoring in its new smartwatch. The features in this smartwatch, which will be available in the $ 400 band, could keep Apple in charge of the market through 2022.

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